10 Reasons Hot Water Extraction Cleaning (Steam Cleaning) Is Better

#1 Studies dating back to the 1800’s indicate the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals is increased by a factor of two for every 18 degrees of temperature above 118°F. This principle holds true for most carpet cleaning solutions – hotter water increases the molecular activity (and cleaning capability).

#2 Tests conducted on behalf of the United States Environmental Protection Agency report that the hot water extraction cleaning process reduces the level of biological contamination in carpeting.

#3 The use of hotter water reduces the use of cleaning chemicals.

#4 The hotter the water, the greater the cleaning power. According to industry trainer and author Jeff Bishop, Heat “weakens the physical bond between the dirt or stains to the various surfaces to which the dirt is sticking.”

#5 Heat reduces the surface tension of water, enabling faster, more efficient cleaning than with cold water.

#6 Hotter cleaning solution also contributes to faster evaporation of residual moisture resulting in faster drying of the carpets and reducing “downtime” for the homeowner

#7 Heat enhances low-moisture carpet cleaning, reducing water usage and allowing carpets to dry more quickly.

#8 With the chemicals working more effectively, the technicians job is usually easier

#9 Heat provides more satisfactory cleaning results, which in turn creates greater customer satisfaction.

#10 Heat enhances worker productivity, which translates into better cleaning.