Urine stains give your nice looking carpet an unsightly brown or yellow spot along with an unpleasant odor and it does not matter which household pet be it a from a cat, dog, or a human, the more time the stain remains in your carpet fibers the more difficult it becomes to remove. But do not fret, if you are following the instructions correctly and you have patience these awful stains can be removed. Always make sure you wear gloves for your personal safety when mixing any cleaning solution.

Let’s start out by making a solution of common white vinegar and warm water, pour it in a the proper size bottle, and then mix it well by shaking it to make sure it is mixed together. Then, spray the urine cleaning solution generously onto the problem areas. Always be sure to apply enough of the mixed solution so that the carpet is wet to the touch, by doing this it will allow the solution to soak down deep into the affected carpet fibers. Once this is done, you can use a brush to scrub the solution into the pet urine affected area by starting from the outside edges of the carpet towards the center. By doing this it will help keep the urine stain from spreading any farther. Do not be in a hurry it takes some time and allow it some time to dwell. Thirty minutes would be a good amount of time to let it set in the carpet. After giving it the time to do it’s work, you can then, blot the area to help extract most of the solution that has been applied so the area can dry faster. Once the area of the carpet has dried, it helps to add some baking soda to the affected area. Now you can proceed by making up a mixture of your favorite liquid dish detergent plus hydrogen peroxide in a bowl.(Always make a test area in an inconspicuous area to avoid any damage to your carpet before applying the solution to the carpet). Apply a small amount at a time to affected area, and us your gloved fingers to very gently rub the mixture into the carpet fibers, and then you can lightly scrub that area with the soft brush. Finally, let the area completely dry. Once the the area of the carpet you have treated is dried, vacuum the affected area to remove the remaining baking soda powder.

For this next method, begin by rinsing the area using warm water and a sponge. When the area has been rinsed, you can use a shop vacuum to aid on removing any excesswater, and then blot dry with a clean white towel (never use colored towels, this might cause the color from the towel to transfer onto your carpet and cause damage). Next, using a small hand trigger sprayer apply an oxidizer to the affected area and allow dwell time. Lastly rinse by blotting area using a sponge and warm water and allow to dry.

If you do not feel comfortable getting rid of these stains yourself remember that you can always contact a professional for any advice. It is always best to know what kind of materials you are working with before applying any solutions to avoid damage.

Kelley Payne
Steampro Carpet Cleaning