Steampro Carpet Cleaning Springfield MO

Hello, My name is Kelley Payne, owner and founder of Steampro Carpet Cleaning.

I started cleaning carpets back in 1987 for several different cleaning companies in Phoenix, Arizona. The problem with these carpet cleaning companies was, they were all about getting their foot in the customers door. Then they would have the carpet cleaning technicians pressure the homeowners into buying all the unnecessary costly extras, that should have been included in the first place. (This is commonly known as the bait and switch tactic). Well I didn’t stay there too long, because I just couldn’t treat people like that even though I  know it was a common practice among carpet cleaners in Phoenix. I have also noticed it is a common practice right here in the Springfield area too.

So in 1988 I started my own cleaning company with some used cleaning equipment, with the saying “We clean your carpets, Not your pockets”. I often had my customers tell me that I was the “No Gimmick Carpet Cleaner” and I had done twice the cleaning job for half the price as those nation-wide carpet cleaning companies had. Next thing, my customers were telling their family and friends about how good Steampro was, and to this day that’s still what our business is based upon. Steampro is not about trying to squeeze you out of every penny we can get, but doing a job for you that makes you want to use us again and refer us to your friends and family.

We use the “Hot Water Extraction” method of cleaning, also known as (Steam Cleaning). Why do we use this kind of carpet cleaning? After trying many different methods such as dry cleaning, shampooing, encapsulation and several others, our method has always done the best cleaning with out leaving all the soil collecting residue that these other methods leave behind. We pre-treat the carpet, spots and spills with children and pet safe cleaning products. Then come back and rinse the cleaning solution out with a sanitizing, 250 degree purified and softened hot water rinse, leaving your carpet residue free and clean.

Not only is it our method, but it is the recommended choice of cleaning by the leading carpet manufacturing mills such as: Mohawk, Shaw and more. Some of these carpet manufactures state, that if “Hot Water Extraction” is not used on a regular 12-18 month schedule, that it can void your carpet warranty.

Steampro’s state-of-the-art cleaning units are in our vans. All we bring into your home is two hoses, one for the cleaning solution and one for the high power vacuum extraction. We normally carry our own water supply that gets purified and softened before it enters your home. And we carry away the soiled water used in the cleaning process. Our van-mounted carpet cleaning equipment will leave your carpet dry in about 2-4 hours.

There are some companies claiming that their method will leave your carpet dry within 1 hour. This method has gained some popularity due to these companies claiming that “Hot Water Extraction” or “Steam Cleaning” will leave your carpets wet for days and even weeks, causing mold to breed in your home. It is nothing but carpet cleaning propaganda, in over 25 years in the business we’ve never had or seen this problem. It’s really about gimmick marketing and the fact that it’s so much cheaper to buy the equipment for this type of cleaning. A Hot Water Extraction van-mounted unit costs about $60,000 for van and cleaning machine, compared to about $1,000 to $2,000 for theirs.

Also most of these so called “1 Hour Dry” cleaning methods normally have no vacuuming hoses to remove what they apply to your carpet. If it uses a rotary spinning brush or a thin cotton pad called a bonnet, all it will end up doing is scrubbing the dirt and soils deeper into your carpet and leaving behind most of the cleaning solution residue, causing the carpet to re-soil even sooner than before. So if you want a “1 Hour Dry” carpet cleaning, I’m sorry to say that’s all your going to get is a “A Fast Drying Not Very Clean Carpet!”

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