What’s the best method of carpet cleaning?


We at Steampro Carpet Cleaning only use the Hot Water Extraction method, also known as “Steam Cleaning”. All of our equipments are heavy duty van mounted equipment. We have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 25 years now, and we have tried all the other cleaning methods out there to use. Simply put, most other methods just barely clean the surface of the carpet using a spray bottle of harsh chemicals, a rotating cloth towel to rub the surface clean. This type of bonnet cleaning will not extract any significant amount of soils that are in the carpet, but they do tend to push them deeper down into carpet so you don’t see them. So watch out for these carpet cleaners that commonly claim a dry time of 1 hour.

“Shaw Flooring” a major carpet manufacture states in their warranty “Shaw recommends only Hot Water Extraction utilizing carpet cleaning products, equipment, and systems certified through the Carpet and Rug Institutes’s Seal of Approval Program. These products are listed at Warning: Non-approved cleaning products and topical treatments, applied by you or a professional cleaner, will void your warranty.”