One Hour Carpet Cleaning in Springfield MO is just a Gimmick!

There are quite a few carpet cleaning companies out there claiming that after they “clean” your carpet, it will dry in 1 hour. Yes some of them might be able to have your carpet dry in that amount of time, but the question is how good of a job did they do?

Here is some facts you should know:


  • In today’s market, several of the nation-wide and some of the small local companies have started a fad of fast dry carpet cleaning, it seems they all say that the “Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)” method will leave your carpets wet for days and even weeks. They get this from the old days when Hot Water Extraction was in it’s infancy, when some of the equipment either didn’t have enough power or the operators didn’t have the proper education or experience to use it. Plus it costs a lot less to buy the equipment, Fast Dry equipment costs about $1000 per unit as compared to a $30,000-60,000 per unit for a hot water extraction van-mounted carpet cleaning set-up.



  • The Hot Water Extraction method consists of pre-spraying the carpet with a cleaning solution that loosens the soils and dirt (Kind of like applying a stain remover to your clothes before you wash) then coming back and removing the loosened soils by hot water rinse while at the same time removing 98% of the moisture used in the rinse. Hot Water Extraction method done with professional equipment and by trained certified technicians should dry in about 2-4 hours.



  • The Methods of the so called fast drying times are named: Bonnet Cleaning, Encapsulation cleaning or Dry Foam Cleaning. All of these methods use a machine called a floor machine or as most would know them as a floor buffer with a thin cloth pad or a scrub brush attached to it. These methods all use chemicals sprayed from a bottle or supplied through the machine to the surface of the carpet, then the top surface of the carpet is either wiped off with the pad, or the chemical is scrubbed into it. Neither of these will remove any significant amount of soils and dirt, they have no way to do it. Either they make the surface look cleaner or they have basically scrubbed the dirt down deeper into the carpet. Also these type of methods leave behind more residue than before the carpet was cleaned, which will cause the carpet to re-soil even faster than before.



  • Hot Water Extraction will not damage your carpet fibers like the methods using a rotary scrubbing brush or pad. The major carpet manufactures tell you not to ever scrub the carpet, it can void your warranty.


All this simply proves that if you want a fast drying carpet cleaning you can have it, but that is all your going to get: A Fast Drying Not Very Clean Carpet!

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