Warning! Don’t Hire Any Carpet Cleaners Until You Read Below!

We’ve all seen them, they come on door hangers, in your mailbox and small weekly coupon magazines.

You will see a carpet cleaning company advertising a very small price for cleaning a room of carpet. You should be careful about anyone claiming to clean your carpets for $9.95 a room. Their coupons all have really small fine print containing only some the hidden cost that they try to charge you once they enter your home. Once there, they tell you it will be much higher than the $9.95 a room, because the $9.95 a room coupon is just for their basic cleaning. And your carpets will not come clean with just their basic cleaning process, in order to get it clean they have to charge you for pre-treating the traffic lanes, the normal spots and so on and so on. Those two or three rooms end up costing you hundreds of dollars instead.

Or worst yet, they don’t deliver on their promise, leaving you with dirty and musty smelling carpets.

If you are looking for a real professional carpet cleaner in the Springfield Metro area, you have come to the right place, Steampro Carpet Cleaning Springfield MO have been cleaning carpets for 25 years. Since 1987 we’ve cleaned thousands and thousands of homes and businesses, and we have survived in this industry by delivering  quality and honest service. Doing a little research before hiring a carpet cleaner will save you a lot of headaches, time and money.

Please spend some time on our website and look at how the Steampro Carpet Cleaning process is different. We are totally fanatical about customer service and your satisfaction. We are not out to make a quick buck, we are trying very hard to gain loyal clients and do the very best cleaning for an honest price!

While some carpet cleaning companies may claim their professional carpet cleaners, their cleaning equipment and methods used in their process should be avoided.

These type of portable cleaning machines are not much better than the ones you can rent at the local grocery store. They need to be connected to your kitchen faucet, using up all your hot water and sometimes causing leaks. It also needs to be plugged into your wall, running up your electrical bill and sometimes blowing up your circuit breakers. During the cleaning, all the dirty water it produces is commonly pumped into one of your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Due to it limited power using household 110 voltage, they do not have the cleaning ability as today’s modern van-mounted self-contained units have. They end up either not removing enough of the dirt and soils form your carpet and or leave a sticky residue which causes a rapid re-soiling of the carpet.

This is another type of machine some carpet cleaning companies use and try to say it will clean your carpet. It is manufactured to be a floor polishing machine commonly known as a (Rotary Floor Buffer). It was meant to keep waxed floors shiny, not to clean carpets. The plastic tank on the handle is a add-on, in which a water based cleaning chemical is added and then flows down a plastic tube onto the carpet.

There are two different methods used with this type machine. One method uses a heavy brush mounted on the bottom which scrubs the cleaning chemicals into the carpet, which does help loosen the dirt in the carpet. But the problems with it are, it is too aggressive to the carpet (You should never scrub on carpet, it distorts it). And secondly, it has no way of lifting the soils that it has loosened out of the carpet. The soils will still be there, just scrubbed deeper into the carpet.

The second method just adds a thin cotton pad underneath the brush that rubs the carpet after the cleaning solution is applied. The theory in this is, that the pad will remove all of the dirt, grit, soils and cleaning solution all at once. It can only lightly clean the surface of the carpet using the thin cotton pad, it’s similar to taking a towel and trying to clean your carpet.

The carpet cleaning companies that use this last portable machine call their method of cleaning several things including: Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning, Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning, Quik Dry, Bonnet Cleaning, Encapsulation Cleaning or Carpet Shampooing.

I do not understand why any reputable cleaning company would use these type of machines! It might simply be because anyone with a few hundred dollars can purchase this type of equipment, with little or no training, and start using them the next day. It is really a cheap way to become a carpet cleaner.

As the owner and founder of Steampro Carpet Cleaning Springfield, MO. I have been in the carpet cleaning industry for 25 years. I’ve tried just about every kind of carpet cleaning method and type of equipment ever used in this industry, and the only one that I know that really cleans carpet is the “Hot Water Extraction” method also known as (Steam Cleaning). If it wasn’t the best form of cleaning, why would we go out and spend $40,000-$60,000 per cleaning unit?

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